2048 Cupcakes

2048 is a classic numbers game, your goal is to combine the same even numbers to form a bigger even number. The ultimate goal is to form the number 2048 and beyond. The 2048 cupcakes version is a game improvement based on the amazing cupcakes from the Morality store. The gameplay is similar to the original game, but instead of numbers, you will have to get used to the famous cakes. Starting with Vanilla Birthday, you will need to combine 2 to make Bubblegum Pink.

With ingredients from Bubblegum Pink, you will have the opportunity to create a wonderful Sunshine Vanilla. You will discover many other wonderful pastries like Valrhona Blonde Ganache, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake, etc. The best result is that you can create Rainbow, a beautiful rainbow cake that appeals to everyone.

Play 2048 Cupcakes This web-based game has similar fundamental highlights as the 2048 game. The point is to make the most elevated conceivable number - rather than a number, be that as it may, this time there are diverse cupcake assortments. Match together extraordinary cupcake types - each p[air coordinated produces a higher degree of the cupcake.

The point is to advance until you make the last kind of cupcake. The play utilizes your bolt keys - utilize the bolt keys to move the cupcakes. Every cupcake moves (if conceivable), toward the path that you press the bolts. In the event that two similar cupcakes contact they consolidate - this is the means by which you progress with the game. Move the tiles in an intelligent way and attempt to make however many diverse cupcake assortments as could be expected under the circumstances.


How to play 2048 Cupcakes

Merge two same cupcakes to get a new cupcake

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