Addok is a math-based puzzle game designed to engage and entertain players of all ages. The core objective is simple: solve mathematical equations to progress through each level. However, don't be fooled by its simplicity – the game quickly evolves into a brain-teasing challenge that requires both mathematical precision and strategic thinking.

Addok features a progressive level system, with each stage offering a unique set of challenges. As you advance, the puzzles become increasingly intricate and demand a deeper understanding of mathematical principles. From the humble beginnings of addition, you'll soon find yourself navigating through complex equations, algebraic conundrums, and more. With each successfully completed level, you'll unlock the next, ensuring a constant sense of achievement and motivation.

  1. Limited Moves: Some puzzles limit the number of moves you can make, adding an extra layer of difficulty as you strive to reach the target within constraints.

  2. Obstacle Blocks: Certain levels introduce obstacle blocks that restrict your movements or limit your access to specific numbers or operators, requiring creative problem-solving.

  3. Boss Levels: At the end of each stage, a boss level awaits, presenting a formidable challenge that combines all the skills you've acquired in that stage.

Addok is not just about sharpening your mathematical skills; it's designed to be thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining. Here's what sets it apart:

  1. Engaging Puzzles: The puzzles are meticulously crafted to strike a balance between challenge and fun, keeping you hooked for hours.

  2. Progressive Difficulty: The gradual increase in difficulty ensures that both beginners and math aficionados can enjoy the game at their own pace.

  3. Competitive Spirit: Compete with friends or players worldwide through online leaderboards, adding a competitive edge to your gaming experience.

  4. Visual Delight: Addok's sleek and minimalist design, coupled with vibrant colors, makes for a visually pleasing experience.

How to play Addok

  1. Mathematical Puzzles: Each level presents a series of mathematical puzzles that must be solved. These puzzles range from basic addition and subtraction to more complex equations involving multiplication, division, and even algebraic expressions.

  2. Limited Resources: Players are given a limited set of numbers and mathematical operations to work with. They must use these resources wisely to reach the target number displayed for each puzzle.

  3. Time Pressure: Addok adds an exciting twist with time constraints. You'll need to think fast and make quick decisions, making the game even more exhilarating.

  4. Hint System: If you ever find yourself stuck, fear not! Addok provides a hint system that can assist you in solving the trickiest of puzzles.

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