Asphalt Retro

Are you prepared to play the Asphalt Retro game and have the best retro racing experience ever? It's time to rev up the engine and sprint along incredible courses filled with hazards and rivals who will make it very challenging for you to win. Avoid being apprehended along the road by police cars and helicopters and demonstrate your skills on 8 different race circuits where you will be able to operate 8 genuinely fantastic vehicles.

Are you prepared to experience the best arcade-style vintage racing? In Asphalt Retro, race your way to the top while avoiding getting caught! Use 8 incredible circuits and 8 automobiles that are more powerful than one another to demonstrate your driving prowess! The top arrow can be used to rev up your engine. To drift, double-tap the left or right arrows.

How to play Asphalt Retro

Using Mouse

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