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Ball Hero Adventure: Red Bounce Ball is a 2D side-scrolling puzzle platform game with a ball character. Bounce Ball is a classic puzzle platformer, like Super Mario Brothers or The Incredible Machine. The player controls a red ball on his/her journey, which has to collect all the stars on the stage. There are different stages with different obstacles and hazards, like spiked floors and lava pits. The ball character is controlled through the player’s finger, and in order to navigate through the stage, the player has to use the physics and gravity to solve puzzles. The player has to move the ball around obstacles and hazards, using the handle. The ball also bounces off of other objects, which come in different colours. The player has to match the colours of the objects with the colours of the ball to move

Are you ready to go on an amazing adventure? This ball is the perfect game for you and your friends! It's a great way to spend some time together and help the ball get to its final destination. In this logic game, you have to help the ball reach the end of the level. Avoid dangerous obstacles and collect all the stars along the way to advance to the next level. The Levels Get Harder As The Game Progresses, Don’t let the ball fall off the bottom of the level or it’ll be game over. Use your logic and surroundings to predict the ball's movement and throw it to the next

Are you ready for a Ball Adventure? In Ball Games, you have to guide the ball through many dangers and solve different challenging levels. You have to collect all the stars and collect the green portal to proceed to the next level. It will not be an easy task to get through this Ball Adventure. You have to be smart and handle the ball in the right manner so that it doesn’t get hit by any obstacles. This Red Ball will help you in Ball Adventure. So, get ready to Ball Adventure and collect many stars and green portals to get to the next

In this game, you control this ball. It will be your main character. You will be helping this ball to reach the end point as soon as possible by jumping and running over obstacles. will you be able to complete each level and save the ball from the traps? Use the Arrows to accelerate and decelerate. Use the keys to change the

How about having a ball? Well, this ball is not for playing soccer, but for playing a Ball Hero Adventure Red Bounce Ball. It can help you take a break from your desk and have some fun. This ball is great for stress relief, or as a fun extension to your daily workout. It also helps improve your motor skills and hand-eye


Ball Hero Adventure: Red Bounce Ball is a brilliant arcade game in which you must control a red ball. You must use the controls to move the ball through a series of challenges and obstacles. In each level, you must reach the finish line unscathed and avoid everything that is thrown your way. With over 50 different levels to complete, this game has great longevity, and you can have fun for hours! Release Date The game was initially released as an Android app on October 2018. The WebGL version has been available since May 2019. Developer Ball Hero Adventure: Red Bounce Ball is made by Dmobin. Features 2D side-scrolling platformer game Different kind of puzzle challenges to solve 60 level Live system Fun music and sound effects Fullscreen enabled Platforms Web browser Android iOS Controls Use right and left arrow keys to roll the ball Use up arrow key to jump ball Use down arrow key to stop the bouncing ball in front of dangerous impediments

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