Ball Puzzle

Are you ready for the most challenging and fascinating ball puzzle game ever? HyperBall is here to crush your logical thinking, hand-eye coordination and reaction speed! With simple rules but devious challenges, it will test your brain like never before. You have to simply turn the red balls into green ones by hitting them with blue ones. Sounds simple? Well, try again! As difficulty increases with each level, the complexity of this task becomes daunting. You must find a way to get all the red balls into one basket while keeping blue ones in another. It’s not as easy as it seems. 

Ball Puzzle is a new free puzzle game for iOS and Android devices. It combines the best of various genres and sub-genres, such as puzzle games, billiards, and logical thinking. In this game you have to place different balls on the board of tiles to get them all into the holes. Sounds easy? It’s not! ;) You will have to place one ball after another. There are no second chances here – if you can’t think of a solution, you will have to start again from scratch. If you manage to finish the board with one ball remaining, your reward is unlocking a new level with more challenging puzzles. 

Ball Puzzle is a hyper casual turn-based logic puzzle game. You will control balls and make them hit the pins in this game. This premium and free Hyper Casual game is perfect for players who love brain-twisting puzzles. Test your logical thinking skills as you turn the ball to maneuver it through various obstacle courses.

How to play Ball Puzzle

Using Mouse

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