Beaver Weaver

A virtual arcade for you and your friends. There are no downloads or in-app purchases — just fun and laughter! Weaver will make you feel like a kid again, playing the most addictive and fun coloring games online. You'll love challenging yourself with new levels or playing with your friends in real life. Weaver is a refreshing way to spend a few minutes with your friends without involving any digital devices or downloading apps. 

Beaver Weaver game which will have you beaver weaving for hours. It’s kind of an antistress game but at the same time, you get to color something beautiful and relaxing. The art style used in this game is a combination of vector and illustration styles. This makes it look more satisfying than a typical coloring book because you can get lost for hours trying to find the same color combination as your friend or family member. 

An arcade game, where you have to color the ants by matching coloured hexagons. Sounds simple enough, but it's actually really fun once you learn how to play! You see, with so many colors and shapes to choose from, it can get pretty overwhelming quick. But don't worry - as long as you stick to a few basic rules, there's no end to the colors that can be created. 

How to play Beaver Weaver

Using Mouse

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