Big is a popular game at the top of the most addictive games in the world which's no stranger to players. The role-playing role of a snake fighting with thousands of other snakes in search of food, even cannibalism, has created a hit game for a long time. Big has become an indispensable name in the genre of ranking games.


  Start with a small snake and have to go everywhere in search of food. Hold down to make the snake move faster, this is useful for blocking the head to kill other snakes. Usually, large and long snakes will have an advantage in wrapping themselves and trapping other snakes, but if there is agile movement, small snakes can completely do this even to kill the big snakes. After killing other players, the other players' tails will turn into food bags and players can collect them to increase the size and length of their tails. Of course, the food from the carcasses of other snakes will be more nutritious than the food available in the game and help your snake grow in size faster. Based on the classic game with countless versions and variations, but Big has beautiful neon-tone graphics and countless types of snakes with different expressions for players to control, promising to bring exciting experiences for players. 


  Become the biggest snake and top the ranking!

How to play Big

Drag to move faster.

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