Black Stallion Cabaret

The Black Stallion Cabaret is a premium HTML5 3D horse racing game with an amazing soundtrack as well and over 30 different girls that you can date. You are a young wealthy man who has bought his own stud farm, and your main goal is to breed the greatest stallions in the world and make them world class racehorses! The Black Stallion Cabaret is not only a great game, but also an exceptional chickendating simulator and something different from other horse games. On your stud farm you have bought several mares for breeding. During your first night as new owner of your farm, a mysterious woman appears asking if she can stay at your house for a couple nights until she figures out what to do next with her life. As the days turned into weeks, this stranger revealed herself to be Mia Lett (your future girlfriend), shortly after she moved in you realized though that she was awkward around people especially those of higher social status like rich men or nobility. After becoming more comfortable with each other though along with many other events like Mia teaching you how to drive her car and taking rides around town together as well as many others eventually led to you two getting together in more than just name.

After defeating the Red Stables and saving the horses from extinction, you've become known as The Stallion of Red Stallion Island. Enrich your game with this Magic Horse Pack which comes with new islands, new quests, new rewards, and more! Start your adventure today with The Stallion of Red Stallion Island. Click on the white horse to start your adventure! Your goal is to tame all the wild horses on Red Stallion Island and earn their trust so they'll help you in battle. You must sneak up on them while they're sleeping at night or find ways to lure them out of their natural habitats during the day. You must also build friendships with them by teaching them tricks and helping them get back into a routine after something traumatic has happened to them. Once a horse trusts you, they'll let you pet them, take care of their wounds, and even ride them when they're ready to go back out into the wilds again. But be careful what you ask If a horse doesn’t trust you or if you break one of their trust seals by doing something that upsets or angers it… well then it’s best never to have Oh no… I can feel tears coming up from deep within my my eyes are moistening as I type these last I love you little red stallion 3 Please take care of him 3 Have fun playing my game 3

Do you love horses? Do you like cabaret and circus too? If so, you will love our new Horse Adventure Game! It has everything that you want in a horse game – beautiful graphics, great sound effects, exciting gameplay and so many challenging levels! Explore the world of equestrian games with us and become the best rider ever! Our lovely steed discovers a long-forgotten secret about its origin. Tonight, your task is to entertain him. This means that he needs someone who can dance in front of him. Will he accept you as his partner? You better step up your performance if not. This is how a horse adventures starts! 

In Black Stallion Cabaret game you will find many different locations, so if you are a fan of the Slow Riding Simulator, then this will not disappoint. If you like horses, then you will also love playing Horse Rush. In this game, you as the player get to drive your horse through different locations in order to complete your mission. As soon as your horse gets tired, it automatically heads back to the stable that you have set up, where it can be relaxed and fed before the next mission begins. 

Black Stallion Cabaret is a horse ranch located in the town of Greenvale near the coastal city of Epshtea. You take on the role of Dieter, the owner of this fantastic stable, who must manage and train his horses in order to maximize their performance potential. 

How to play Black Stallion Cabaret

Using Mouse

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