Cake Blocks Collapse

Everyone knows girls love iced cupcakes, and these stylish cuties are no exception! In this matching game, you will help the girls make—and eat—delicious cupcakes. After all, nothing brings friends together like cake and frosting. In each level of Cupcake Crushers, you must match three or more cupcakes by swapping them with your cursor to create chains of similarly-colored treats. Succeed, and you’ll advance to the next level with even more delectable desserts. 

Let’s get this party started! In Let’s Go Cake Blocks Collapse, you and your friend are throwing the most amazing surprise party in history. You have to collect all the blocks from the red, blue, green and yellow tables (which are cake blocks after all) before time runs out. Use your mouse to click on a block and make it disappear. If you remove enough blocks from the same color table, the whole column will collapse. Be careful though! 

Cake Blocks Collapse is back with another match-3 game, this time with a twist. Instead of swapping tiles and making runs, you are matching blocks that collapse in domino style. It’s up to you to prevent the collapse by keeping the blocks balanced, but it’s not so easy as you might think! Once again, Lofgames has come up with an original and addictive gameplay that will keep you entertained for hours on end. 

Are you ready for the cutest match-3 game ever?! Because we bring you a brand new cake matching game with lovable characters and challenging levels. In Lof 3 Fashion Girls, you get to meet different girls who just can’t stop talking about fashion, shoes, bags and everything that comes with it. Have fun discovering their hidden talents while playing this addictive HTML5 game!


How to play Cake Blocks Collapse

Using Mouse

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