Car Crash Simulator

Let's race in a realistic car crash simulator! The race heats up as you drive through the hall, avoid the obstacles and crash into each other. Try to be the last one to finish! Race fast and crash hard in this fun physics game. Destroy other cars with your car crash simulator by making it crash into them using as little force as possible. This will reduce the damage done to your car while still getting it destroyed! Just driving over an obstacle without crashing is not very fun and smooth driving is not possible in a real life car crash. 

Car Crash Simulator are the ultimate adrenaline rush, but in today’s fast-paced world, they can also be incredibly dangerous. Drive safely through all the obstacles in this car racing game and show that you’re the king of the tracks. Use your reflexes and reactions to avoid crashes and speed traps. 

You are a race car driver and you need to destroy as many cars as possible in the race. You do this by driving into them,crushing them with your car, or by ramming them. Or by simply out maneuvering other racers! The game is simple yet fun. 

How to play Car Crash Simulator

Using Mouse

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