Car Smasher!

Car Smasher! is a new genre of low-pressure games that can be completed in as little as three minutes. 

Car Smasher! is a new type of game that blends the ease of mobile games with the challenge of console and PC games. In this blog post, we’ll give you an overview of what makes a game “game”, then dive deeper into what makes these games so different from other mobile titles. As you read, keep in mind that all of these points are meant to be general guidelines for how these types of games tend to operate.

Car Smasher! games are all the rage now. They are simple, fast and enjoyable games that you can pick up anytime and finish within a few minutes. Car Smasher is a brand new hypercasual HTML5 game where you smash different types of cars with your fist! Smash them as hard and fast as you can to score more points in this explosive game! And if you like this game, check out our other hypercasual games like Coin Catcher and Stickman Underground Boxing, they are all waiting.

This is a game about destruction, in which you smash cars as fast as possible. Be careful though, you can only crash them once. Once the car is smashed, it’s gone forever. Popular genres such as tower defense or adventure games are not for everyone, but there is also a huge market for much simpler and lighter games that require less thinking and more reaction. 

Hyper Casual is a new subgenre of casual games that focus on shorter play sessions with frequent rewards, high replayability and limited stress. If you enjoy playing arcade-style sports games, then you are going to love our latest game creation -- Car Smasher

How to play Car Smasher!

Using Mouse

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