Chain Cube 2048 3D

Chain Cube 2048 3D is a new 3D game. It's not just like the classic one, you can shoot and break block by chain cube and make it more perfect. How to play: on "load" button, and then click on the "new game". "shoot" button to break the block and get point. the blocks come together, they will merge into one new block with 2x2 blocks. goal of Chain Cube 2048 3D is to get 2048 points before getting a miss when clicking on shoot button or going out of the area in bottom right corner of the

WOW! This game is such a hit and it's never going away. If you are not familiar with the game 2048, it's an easy and fun game for all ages. The object of the game is to insert numbered tiles on to the board so that they merge into one tile. Whenever two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one! It doesn't sound too hard but once you get up to higher levels, it will be more difficult to find the opportune moment to merge your tiles. There are three different modes of play: challenge mode, time attack mode and puzzle mode. Challenge mode is where you can go against other players around the world; time attack mode is where you have 60 seconds to try to beat the highest score before time runs out; and puzzle mode is where you get a certain amount of moves in order to beat a level. You will definitely want to download this free

The ultimate 2048 game for kids! The goal of the game is to combine 2 blocks with the same number. When you move blocks, they push each other out of the way. Combine them and get the highest score possible. The game ends when there are no more moves left or you can't make any moves. #1) Swipe to move tiles up and down #2) Higher numbers are closer to the top #3) No time limit #4) All tiles start as

How to play Chain Cube 2048 3D

Using Mouse

Move Left: Arrow Left

Move Right: Arrow Right

Move Forward: Arrow Up

Move Back: Arrow Down

Spacebar to jump

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