Color Pop 3D

Color Pop 3D is a casual game where you take control of a small cube and shoot colored cubes to create groups of three or more of the same color. The more cubes you shoot, the greater your score and additional lives you will get. The game has various themes such as candy, sweets, ice cream, and more. Color Pop 3D is an arcade game where the objective is to prevent the player’s Jelly from reaching the opposite edge of the board.

In Color Pop 3D game you are the Color Pop. Your mission is to save all the colors in the world by shooting them and matching 3 or more of the same color. Do not miss any color or it will cost you a life! Hypercolor 3D is action packed casual game that challenges players to match as many colored balls as they can before time runs out. The player controls a small ball and travels through different stages, shooting various colored balls in each stage to clear them from the board and collect.

Color Pop 3D is the new wave of gaming on mobile platforms. It’s about games that don’t require a lot of time, but rather offer a fun experience with simple controls and graphics. This has made it easier than ever for new developers to publish their games on these digital marketplaces. In this article we will explore the different characteristics of Hyper casual games and how they can be used as marketing tools to achieve your business.

You play as the master of a Candy Kingdom and your mission is to prepare it for the sweetest holiday of the year. There are 5 colors in Candy Kingdom that can be used to unlock new levels. Once you unlock a color, it will no longer appear in new levels. Thus, you must use every color to open all the levels and prepare your kingdom for the approaching candy holidays! 

It's an amazing new world out there. A place where anything is possible. A place where you can go beyond the confines of your physical self and explore the wild frontier that lies within. We call it Hyper Universe and we want to bring you with us as we venture further into the unknown.

How to play Color Pop 3D

Using Mouse

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