Cook and Match: Sara's Adventure

You are a match maker for the lucky guys and gals in this match making game! You have to make two matches each turn to win the game. To do that, you’ll need to match 3 similar colored stars together. It doesn’t matter what type of match it is! All you have to do is put two stars together that have the same color as each other. Simple right? The tricky part is making sure you don’t get matched with any extra stars! If there are any in your group, they’ll cancel out your potential wins. So make sure to check every star carefully beforematching them! This game should come with instructions on how to play. 

Saras Adventure Game is the most exciting matchmaking app experience anywhere. Now it’s available in a beautiful and easy to use version for your Android phone or tablet. Here’s how it works: You and up to 3 other players are dropped into a mysterious location, given a mission and left to fend for yourself against all the other guests at the party. Cook and Match: Sara's Adventure is a game where you have to help Saras capture all the fish in the sea. To do this, you need to match three fishes of the same species and get them into your tank before the time runs out. 

How to play Cook and Match: Sara's Adventure

Using Mouse

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