Cookie Crush Christmas 2

Are you ready for a Cookie-Crunched Christmas? If you’ve been following along with our blog, you know that in the third installment of Cookie Crush Christmas 2 holiday trilogy, our beloved sugar bun is bearing the brunt of a frosty icicle storm. To make matters worse, he’s got an icy hunk of sugar right between his … To give you an idea of how bad this storm has gotten, we’ll show how many cookies are left on the original version of this game and then compare the two according to their difficulty. 

Are you a Cookie Cravers? Do you like to eat Cookies? If so, then this game is for You! It’s time to fight the good fight and give to those in need. Help the hungry people of the world get their hands on some of these delicious cookies. Fight against the clock as you try to match 3 or more candies of the same color. When your time is up,you’ll be given a score based on how many times you’ve “Crushed” (matching) that particular cookie. 

How to play Cookie Crush Christmas 2

Using Mouse

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