Donut Stack

In this kids' game, you have to place the doughnut on the right side and on top of the hole. You can play with your friends and family members in this cool game. 

If you don’t know what a donut stack is then let me tell you it is an arcade game that involves stacking different donuts on top of each other and reaching the top to claim your prize. It could be a small toy, a chocolate bar or even a few coins. The goal is to get as high as possible with each new layer so only the bottom layer remains when you reach the top. Usually these games have various difficulties for kids of different ages but this one isn’t just about getting older; it also has something to do with size. 

The donut stack is a game of skill, speed, and accuracy by the name of Donut Stack. In this amazing game you have to stack donuts in the perfect sequence to score the maximum points. To start, You will have to collect different colored donuts from the ground by tapping on them with your finger. Once you have collected a colored donut, place it next to another colored donut. The more consecutive stacked they are, the higher your score will be at the end of the game. The more difficult it gets and the longer you continue playing, but at the same time this game becomes a lot more fun and addicting. So what are you waiting for? 

In Donut Stack game you will have to stack the donuts to get higher score by decreasing their size. This is not a simple task because the smaller they are, the harder they are to stack. You will be able to use your mouse and the keyboard in order to play it. From different colored donuts, you need to place them of same color. Do not drop them or else you will lose some of them. After each level, you will be required to finish faster and clear more than two donuts at a time in less than 3 seconds. To help with this process, you can use boosters such as lightning.

Everyone loves donuts and this is the time when we get to enjoy them. Have you ever imagined playing an arcade game that revolves around eating donuts? Now, you have! These games are known as Donut Stack games. Game is a simple game that requires players to stack donuts to reach the top of the screen. The more stacked donuts you have, the higher your score so be sure not to miss out on any chances. If you are unaware of which games are available online and if they offer others in different languages then there is nothing stopping you from trying them

How to play Donut Stack

Using Mouse

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