MaximizeFullscreen is a fun battle of ducks on the surface of a large lake. The scramble for ducklings to grow the flock and fight for the nest creates chaos, the stupid and slow ducks will be eliminated from the game and become a delicious roast duck for the hunters. Run fast to survive and have a chance to top the ranking.

  Move across the lake in search of yellow ducklings to grow your flock. The more important task is to find the duck nest with the required number displayed on the top of the screen. Try to collect as many ducklings as you can to rise to the high places winning over other players. Avoid the hunter's boats and the other ducks' leaders if you don't want to lose. A small trick to increase the swarm quickly is to collect other players' small yellow ducks. Don't miss any ducks in your flock, that will also lead to your removal from the lake. Find your nest as soon as possible and pay attention to move quickly to catch the ducklings. The role of a duck swimming underwater will make for an interesting experience.

  Are you the most powerful duck?

How to play

Drag to play.

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