Elementary Arithmetic Game

  Elementary Arithmetic Game will show you the difficulty of math. It looks like simple addition and subtraction, but the challenges will surprise you. A simultaneous game is an educational application aimed at developing skills in performing basic arithmetic operations. Numbers have always been a mystery to people and behind them, there are many interesting things that you yourself do not know. Let's explore Mathematics from a whole new perspective with Elementary Arithmetic Game to know more great stories about numbers and Math problems.

  Choose the appropriate calculus markers to complete a correct expression in the allotted time, using computing devices will not be feasible because the time is quite short. You will probably be really bothered by these difficult calculations. Your computing power may not be what you expect. Think of it as a practice to increase your mathematical thinking ability. It will be much more attractive if elementary school children play with you.

  Hope the calculations won't give you a hard time!

How to play Elementary Arithmetic Game

Select the appropriate calculations mark.

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