EvoHero - Idle Gladiators

Have you ever sat down to a meal and wondered why some dishes are more delicious than others? Or why some meals seem to be better suited for a specific time of day? The answer, of course, is that there’s an entire world of gastronomy out there beyond just what we eat. And in this page, you can explore that world by playing the game Evohero Idle Gladiators. Evohero Idle Gladiators is a clicker game in which players take on the role of idle gladiators who have one job: to fight other gladiators in order to win points and level up. As they fight, their idle selves level up by fighting various creatures called Evoheroes, who are essentially large versions of thematically-based gladiator types. 

Idle Gladiators is a Clicker-based farming and clicker playing idle game. Idle Gladiator - Clicker Idle Farming! In Idle Gladiators, you don't play against real opponents. You fight among your own troops. Each of your devices has its own combatant class and job: tanks, medics, snipers, and so on. Your job is to massacre the other players' devices as efficiently as possible. When all of your troops are upgraded, you can also increase their fighting power even more by merging them into one powerful unit. This battle-hardened bestie can take out any other units in its group without difficulty. 

IdleGladiators is a Role-Playing Idle Clicker Game. You can check it out here: The objective of the game is to fight against other idle clickers in Globular Arena. You fight using different combos of attacks and abilities, while you wait for another role to show up to fight with you! Gladiators are used to fight outside in the Gladiator Dome or in arenas where there are no captives or fighters left. 

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