Flip Skater Idle

Do you love skateboarding? If yes then you need to check out this awesome Skater game. Flip Skater is a cool side-scrolling Arcade game where your main objective is to help the Skater reach the end of each level before his time runs out by collecting as many coins and Stars as you can along the way. The controls are extremely simple and anyone could pick it up immediately, allowing for players of all ages and skill levels to enjoy it equally. The game features amazing graphics, great music, challenging levels and lots of unique themes to keep things fresh again and again. It’s free! So what are you waiting for? Download it now and start

In this Game, you can play as a Skater who is trying to get to the next level and get more points. Your goal is to keep balance by using your skills on the skateboard and try not to fall off. To do that, you will need to use different tricks in order to gain more speed. Watch out for obstacles such as other skaters, traffic, broken boards and much more! But don’t worry because we are here with helpful tips that can help you master the game. Keep reading and learn how you can become the ultimate Skater in no

Flip Skater is a simple game, where you need to control the skater and help him to get more points by flip skateboarding over obstacles and collecting stars. Don’t forget to collect coins as well! This game is based on Flip Skater 2 so this game contains all new levels with brand new obstacles and environments. You can play these levels in single player or challenge your friends in multiplayer

How to play Flip Skater Idle

Using Mouse

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