Fruit Lines Saga

Fruit Lines Saga is a third person action game that allows you to play as a fruit or vegetable. You have 8 different characters to choose from: four males and four females, all with unique abilities. Each player gets a slot machine decorated with different fruits and vegetables in their inventory. 

Fruit Lines Saga is a word game that you play with friends on the same computer screen. It’s like an arcade game where you have to match the letters in a word so that your friends can understand what it is. The more you play this word game, the harder it gets! Once you get the hang of it, it’s fun and easy to learn. You can play This game for free or try real paid versions if you want to spend some time learning how to play the game. 

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This one is a social game that you can play with friends or your partner on the go. This game has elements of RPG, action and sidescrolling side scrolling 3D game. You help the other player find the best combination of fruits to litter the ground. The more fruits you find,the more detailed your quest will be. 

How to play Fruit Lines Saga

Using Mouse

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