Fruit Mahjong

  Fruit Mahjong is a game in the genre of intellectual game that is very familiar to many people. Coming to this version of Mahjong combined with fruit, your task is still to remove all the Mahjong cards on the board like the previous Mahjong versions to get the highest score. Fruit Mahjong version with cute pictures of fruits promises to bring you interesting experiences.

  Rows of fruits of various types will be arranged in symmetrical shapes. You need to find pairs of the same fruit as long as the seam between them is not blocked. This way of playing is not difficult and is quite familiar, based on previous classic games. However, colorful fruits will disturb your vision, making finding the same fruit pairs much more difficult. Moreover, you have to complete in a certain amount of time, dealing with the messy fruit board increases the challenge. At higher levels, the overlapping arrangement of the fruits can be overwhelming, consider it a challenge to train your vision and agility. Try to cover the entire pattern and intelligently cancel the pairs to create smoothness and speed in the whole matchmaking process. The combination of Chinese mahjong and familiar daily fruits will create new and wonderful gameplay. 

How to play Fruit Mahjong

Click or tap to play.

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