Funny Shooter 2

Funny Shoot is an addictive 3D shooter game for boys, girls and adults. Grow your own army and save the world from alien invasion! You play as a brave soldier who has come to the aid of the earth. It’s up to YOU to save humanity from certain destruction! With Funny Shoot, you get all the action you could ever want in a game of this genre. This free 3D shooter game will keep you entertained for hours with frequent objectives, upgrades and seeing how far you can take your army. The more soldiers you recruit, the stronger your army becomes and the more aliens will try to destroy it. Features: - Over 50 different missions with increasing difficulty - Upgradeable weapons with different features such as scopes, damage multipliers or ammo capacity - Daily Achievements to track progress against higher level enemies - Leaderboards so you can compete against other players and see where they stand on every mission in every

Funny Shooter 2 is a funny shooting game. The boy again has come to save the world from aliens domination. This time he is armed with more than 50 different types of guns and explosives. Use them wisely to shoot down aliens before they reach the base. - AUTO-REVEAL: As you play, your avatar shoots automatically. You won’t have to keep pressing the auto-reveal button to check what your character is shooting at while playing the game. Once you hit level 10 in auto-reveal, the game will auto-reveal at every level; allowing you to watch your avatar play without having to tap on the screen constantly. - UPGRADED GAMEPLAY: With new weapons, enemies and maps added regularly, Funny Shooter 2 continues to offer exciting gameplay for continuous replay value! New characters are added regularly as well so that players of all ages can experience the fun of Funny Shooter

Funny Shooters are back and this time we brought to you the most funniest and craziest Shooter game for Android! You’re probably thinking that how such a game is possible? Well, trust us that it’s extremely fun to play! This time, the objective of the game has been changed. Your task is to eliminate as many targets as you can before they take you out in one shot. Sounds easy doesn’t it? But you must know that the more targets there are, the harder it gets for you. The more targets there are, the higher their scores get; and the higher their scores get, the more powerful they become. Are you ready for this crazy challenge? Then let's begin your battle

How to play Funny Shooter 2

Using Mouse