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What if you could play any game in a variety of different difficulty levels? What if you could make your own games and take them with you anywhere? Well, this is exactly what the CARTOON NETWORK™ gaming system does. The CARTOON network allows members to create their own categories of games and share games with other gamers. 

Today’s fast-paced world demands players to be creative and adaptable. Join this team of gamers as they take on a Gurido puzzle game in which they must match three dots together using only their fingertips. The more numbers they connect, the better the score is and how successful they are at each level. Are you ready to test your mettle against other humans, meet new people and make some new friends? Then give this amazing game an try! 

Given the choice, you’ll probably choose to play match-3 or puzzle. But which one is better? Let’s see! Gurido is more challenging and appeals to a wider audience while puzzles appeal to a much narrower audience. 

How to play Gurido

Using Mouse

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