Hexologic is a free math game for kids, adults and teachers. Learn math at your own pace by solving the various levels of this hexagon puzzle game. This one is a simple math game that helps you solve hexagons in different shapes. Gameplay revolves around finding the center of the hexagon. Once you find the center, you can adjust the hexagon until it looks right. You need to be quick in finding the center and adjusting the game will get harder as you move ahead. With each level, you will get to know more about hexagons, patterns, symmetry and other math is a great activity to sharpen your logical thinking skills. You can play this game on your own or with your friends and family members. You can also play it as a team exercise in mathematics classes or as part of an educational psychology programme. Either way, you will end up learning a lot of fun math facts and concepts. Let’s dive in and learn more about This

This one is an easy to play and challenging puzzle game. It is simple to understand but hard to master. The objective of the game is to move the coloured tiles to their matching hexagon. So that all the tiles end up in the same hexagon. Sounds easy? Try playing this game for some time and you will wonder how you ever managed to finish a puzzle without getting stuck. The game has a variety of levels and challenges, from easy to hard. So you can challenge yourself at various levels, to increase your score and unlock new levels. It also has a variety of themes and colours, so that you can play it at any time and feel refreshed. Have you been looking for a game that helps you improve your logical thinking and concentration? Hexologic is that game for

Kids love playing games. Some are violent while some are quite fun. They can spend hours playing games and learning at the same time. This one is a game. It is a math game. You can play it with your kids and learn at the same time. It is also a great way to distract yourself from your busy schedule and keep your mind sharp. The game is quite Relaxing. It is also Educational. The game utilizes logic, problem solving, and strategy. If you are bored and have time, you can play this game for fun. It is also a great educational tool for your kids. It will help them in learning the basics of arithmetic, fractions, primes and more. It is a fun way to sharpen your mind and make you focus on something that would make you

Spend a few minutes with your little one and watch the magic happen. You suddenly feel younger, more energetic and ready to tackle the new day with a smile. No wonder so many parents love to play games with their children. Games encourage children to interact, learn and have fun. They are also great tools for improving a child’s mental arithmetic, problem-solving skills and general hand-eye coordination. Let’s face it, playing games is no longer limited to just adults. Why not revive your old games instead of playing new ones? In this article, we will cover the best free games for children and the best family games for the whole

Do you have a child who loves numbers? Does he or she love to play games? Well, this article is for both of you. We have compiled a list of best hex and number games for kids that will keep your child engaged for hours. From number games to puzzle games and everything in between, these games are perfect for kids aged 4 to 10. Here are some of the best hex and number games for

How to play Hexologic

Using Mouse

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