Huggy Army Commander

It’s your army! give them the leadership they deserve. It’s your army! Train them and build their confidence. It’s your army! Command them to victory in combat. It’s your army! Show them how a leader handles difficult situations. The answer lies within you and that is why we have started this little game “ Huggy Army Commander ”. This is an addictive strategy puzzle game for DEFENSE, STRATEGY & LOGIC TRAINING with DIGNITY at its core. Build trust, leadership and team work skills by challenging your subordinates to solve complex puzzles using their brains, teamwork and tactical thinking under pressure. The entire idea of the game is built around being able to master the different challenges that arise while commanding an army. Building on our core principles of Defense, Strategy & Logic Training; this game is designed as a training tool to develop these essential cognitive abilities in kids and young adults so that they can lead smarter and more confident lives later on in life. To achieve this, the best way for them to get used to taking command of others and leading from the front row is through games which simulate real-life situations in a fun environment that makes it easy for anyone to pick up quickly whether they are a novice or an expert player at getting things done under pressure with limited

Huggy is an addictive android game for all those who love to play games and especially for kids. It is a simple game but very entertaining. In this Android game, you need to build an army of cute little pets by assigning them jobs like cook, doctor, engineer and many more. The goal of the game is to recruit as many pet soldiers as possible in your army before your opponents do the same. You do this by giving them jobs and then watch them go out and get other soldiers from their friends. This way you can build up your army faster than your opponent. Once you start playing this game, it will be so hard to stop! Features: - Multiple levels with increasing difficulty - Different kinds of pets to select from - Several different types of job assignments - Free updates with new content coming

Huggy is an addictive arcade based game for kids where you have to help the little soldier hug as many people as possible. As we all know that hugs are important when it comes to building strong emotional ties. This game is purely about increasing those emotional ties and helping people feel close to one another. The objective of this game will be for the army commander to hug as many people as he can. This game has lots more levels than just that one and your objective will be to unlock them all by getting 3 stars in each of them. There are also new challenges and obstacles that will appear at different points in each level making sure that you have fun while playing Huggy Army Commander,game,s, brain, collect, army, kids, soldier, puzzle, arcade,

How to play Huggy Army Commander

Using Mouse

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