Jetpack Race Run

The world is going crazy. It seems like everyone has a new idea for making money. So many ideas that it’s hard to keep up. Luckily, you’re smart and you don’t let that slow you down. You have a great idea of your own, and now is your chance to make it become reality! You will start small with a few test runs of your new business idea before you increase the scale and then increase the scale again until this becomes an industry that cannot be ignored anymore! Unfortunately, not everyone shares the same enthusiasm as you do. They see money as an evil that must be avoided at all costs. They are afraid that their ideas will be bought out by large companies for cheap money so they try to avoid them at all cost. This does not mean they won’t support smaller businesses though. That is why they have created something called the Air Race. Your objective in this game is simple: race against the clock and other competitors through a series of courses as fast as possible without crashing into anything or falling off any of the cliffs! 

This is the first time in history that there exists a racing game named ‘Rocket Race’. It will be a lot of fun playing this arcade racing game with your friends. You can choose to either run or fly through the levels. You have endless amounts of levels for you to play at, and you can even share them with your friends online. Each level has an objective that must be completed before the next level unlocks. Unlock new cars each time you pass a level, making it harder as you progress further through the game. In Rocket Race, all players are stickmen pilots who use jetpacks to speed through levels as quickly as possible. Your opponents will try to keep you behind by holding back and stopping you in order to cause more damage when they catch up again later on in the race. 

 Are you ready to become a real Jetpack Racer? We will test your reflexes, speed and agility. Your goal is to get as far with your Rocket as possible by jumping over obstacles and avoiding other racers. The first player to cross the finish line wins! How far can you go? FEATURES: - A whole NEW level of action Race from one end of city to another! - Boosting mechanics: Use boosters and other tricks like rocket jumps or slides - An amazingly detailed city to run Explore all secret places including buildings, rooftops, caves and more! - Multiple game modes for endless fun: Endless Runner Challenge (keep running!), Survival Challenge (reach the end before time runs out),

Rocket Race is an extremely addictive 3D Racing Game with - Jetpack Race Run is a physics based game, so it will require patience and planning. You'll need to think about your path and avoid obstacles or you'll end up crashing. The sticky-physics make the game more Selection - Choose your favorite car and track! There are more than 50 cars to unlock, each with different performance Mode - Compete against players from all over the world in real time on different tracks. Can you beat the ghost of your previous race attempts? Or can your friends do that before you?*Upgradable Cars - Once you have unlocked a certain amount of coins, you can upgrade one of your cars to unlock new attributes. 

In this awesome game you are a stick figure, who has a jetpack strapped to him. Run, Fly, and Avoid obstacles while collecting coins and unlocking new characters in your crazy adventure. This is Jetpack Race Run! It’s an endless running game with jetpack mechanic as one of the key features. Think of it as a 3D obstacle course game where you run and jump to avoid dangerous traps and enemies. Avoid spikes, lasers, crushers, fan blades, saws and other lethal objects on your way through 100 levels of increasing difficulty!

How to play Jetpack Race Run

Using Mouse

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