Jump Into Wow

Cartoon Network is launching a new gaming platform called “Wow!” with a fresh take on hyper-casual gaming. From the same team behind the wildly successful app, Hidden City, Wow! is an action-adventure game that takes place in the world of Cartoon Network and its famous characters. Hyper-casual games are those that have simple gameplay mechanics, quick sessions, and high re-playability; all to keep players coming back for seconds and thirds without getting bored. The idea behind this is if players are not stressed from difficult controls or intense challenges, they will play longer and more often. To build anticipation for the launch of this new platform, we interviewed our friends at CN about their involvement in this new venture. 

Hey there, heroes! This is the Cartoon Network Action Wow! team. We’re excited to share with you our new game, Jump Into Wow! It’s an action-packed, hyper-casual game with an amazing look and feel. You can play it for free with friends or by yourself. Immerse yourself in a world where monsters and heroes live side by side. Join an elite group of heroes as they train to become members of the League of Intrepid VENDETTAS. 

Disney Hyper Casual invites you to Jump Into Wow, an amazing side-scrolling adventure game set in the Cartoon Network universe. Play as one of three characters and help them leap, dash, and slide their way through perilous pitfalls and gauntlets filled with even more challenging jumps. This is a fast-paced endless jumping game with twists, turns, and traps galore.

Hyper Casual is the hottest trend in mobile gaming right now, with new entries coming out every day. Now that you’ve got your bearings with these fast-paced new releases, it’s time to take a leap into another type of casual gaming experience -- Hyper Casual.

This is an escape game with a twist. You are Wow, the hero who has to save his girlfriend from the evil Fisherman by collecting and combining different pieces of power-ups. As in any other escape game, you have to find clues and solve puzzles to open new rooms with more challenges. The best part about this game is that you can play it even if you're not connected to the Internet. 

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