Knife Flip

The ninjas are back! This time they are not trying to steal your gold, but instead they want to attack you with their deadly weapons. Are you ready to fight back? Do you have what it takes to be a ninja? Do you have the skills to become the best warrior? This time you will be facing an army of ninjas. So, you better be ready to fight back. You will have to be a ninja and come up with some cool weapons to fight them. Swipe your fingers and bring out a ton of weapons. Use the left and right arrow keys to switch between the weapons. The jump key will allow you to jump. Collect the gold and coins hidden in the levels and defeat the ninjas. Do you have what it takes to be a ninja? Check out the gameplay video and see if you can beat the

When it comes to warrior culture, food is a big part. When you have to go on a mission and you’re worried about getting enough energy for the day, a ninja has to think about what they’re going to eat. No, we’re not talking about the occasional field rations. We mean the kind of meal that’s going to give you the strength to complete your task, and the energy to come back for more tomorrow. We’re talking about a ninja pizza, a ninja burger, a ninja sandwich and a ninja bowl, all ready for you to get stuck into and the strength to complete your next mission! With the Ninja Food Battle, you can test your skills in the kitchen and become the best ninja-cook in your village. Master the art of the Ninja Food, and get yourself a tasty

In Knife Flip game you can practice your ninja skills. You must try to be the best at the knife throwing game. The knife won’t just fly in a straight line, you must make sure that it goes through all the green X's, and doesn't hit any of the red O's. Each level has its own layout, so you must also be on the lookout for new strategies and new ways to pass. You have a limited number of throws per level and if you fail to hit the X's then you will lose a life. Are you ready to become the best knife throwing ninja of the

No one can predict when or where a deadly creature might appear. That's why you should always be prepared. In order to stay alive, you have to be smart and fast. Your blade can be a protective barrier, a deadly attack, or a trap to catch your enemies. In this game you will learn how to use your Ninja knife and other classic tactical weapons. We do not only want you to enjoy this game, but also to learn a new skill and be more prepared in your everyday

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How to play Knife Flip

Using Mouse

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