Merge To Million

  Merge To Million based on the game legend 2048 with additional actions and features. The moving space is larger with the size of 8×8 instead of 4×4 as before. The added obstacles increase the difficulty and there are some new features that will bring excitement to the player. No longer is the conquest of the familiar 2048 number, but now it will be the million number, opening a new way of discovery.

  The start is still the familiar even numbers 2, 4, 8, but instead of random occurrences, they will appear at the top for you to have reasonable predictions. The added wooden crates act as obstacles that you cannot move. In return, the combination can be many tiles at the same time, resulting in faster and easier creation of high-score tiles. If you create many of the same number boxes, you will be able to convert items with the feature of eliminating or multiplying the number of points. This is the novelty that makes the game more interesting. However, the number tiles are subject to the rule of always facing down and you cannot push them up like the old version. So the combination almost exclusively happens in the lower part and this will give the player more chances to maintain. When you create box number 1M, you have won a spectacular victory, and don't forget to share that record with your friends.

How to play Merge To Million

Click or tap to play.

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