Mob Control

Mob Control is a straightforward but entertaining game that you should try playing. Your objective in this casual arcade game is to destroy and plunder other players' bases. You simply direct your mob toward their base to accomplish that. Throughout the road, there will be a number of challenges as well as hordes of your adversaries. Nevertheless, there are additional multipliers along the road that, once passed, can multiply the mob you send out.
Although having a straightforward gameplay, the game is incredibly entertaining and addictive. To understand what you must accomplish in the game, let's go over the Mob Control gameplay in more detail.

In Mob Control, the goal is to plunder your opponent's base. And to accomplish that, you merely fire your crowd from a cannon. A multiplier that can raise your mob, which is required, will cover the way. Also, your rivals will dispatch their horde to both defend and assault you. There will be several detours along the route in Mob Control, so the path won't always be clear. Your mob won't be destroyed by them, but they can move them and force them to go in a new direction.

How to play Mob Control

Using Mouse

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