Monster School Challenges

Have you ever wanted to be an intrepid monster kid, escaping from a school filled with pitfalls and puzzles in which you can get trapped forever? Well, now is your chance! In this hidden object game noob vs pro challenges you to find objects in the school and escape from it. How fast can you clear all the levels? Have fun exploring every corner of the school, finding all the objects that are hidden there! Will you be able to beat all three level challenges and make it out of the school? 

Welcome to Monster School! You are a kid at the weirdest school you will ever discover. The professors here are all monsters, with different personalities and abilities. Your task is to find your way out of the school with the help of its weird characters and their secrets. To do so, you must complete different challenges that our friendly monsters have prepared for you. In this game, the challenge is to escape from the pig’s house in less than 30 seconds. Will you manage to do it? 

In this Monster School Challenges game, you will be playing as a pupil who gets trapped in Monster School. Your school bus crashed into the gate of a scary monster high school. Now you must find a way to escape from the school by collecting all the items and solving puzzles. This is going to be a fun and exciting challenge for you! If you love exploring, solving puzzles and finding hidden objects, this game is definitely for you! 

Monster School Challenges game is so much fun! Your objective is to find a way to escape the monster school. The catch is that there are several rooms with locks and other puzzles. You have to find your way out while finding useful objects along the way.

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