Noob Hero Attitude

How to be a Noob Hero? - The Hard Way How to be a Noob Hero? The Hard Way What is a noob? A noob is someone who is not able to read or write basic English. What that means from an Noob Hero Attitude is that a noob is someone who is not able to understand what other people are saying or meaning. Noobs can sometimes seem like they have it all figured out and are the smart girls and guys in the world, but there’s just something about being unsure, new and vulnerable that makes you want to run as fast as you can towards home. Be a noob! Don’t worry, we don’t judge nor do we ever want you to be a noob. 

The Noob Hero Attitude is the lowest rankable rank in the game. They are generally shy, good at multitasking and not very skilled at fighting. But that’s not why people call them noobs…they are great! You see, the Noob has it all wrong; they are really great at everything! They have noobs everywhere from bounty hunters to Vloggers to entrepreneurs. They are a spectrum of people who are easygoing and yet extremely challenging at the same time. 

My name is Noob. I’m an absolute noob when it comes to games and dramas, but that doesn’t mean I can't play them! In fact, I love playing games with friends because it's a great way to bond over a good game and have some fun too. When you're having fun in any game, it's hard to imagine going out and getting drunk together. But what if we did go out together and have a drinking game instead? What would that be like? 


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