NOVA Covered Ops

In the action game Nova Covered Ops, Yelena begs Kal Wardin to come to Earth in a desperate manner. Our hero must rise once more to defend humanity! Discover 14 immersive levels spread across two settings while gathering various power-ups and specialty weaponry.

In the brand-new, action-packed game Nova Covered Ops, you must defend against hostile forces that are attacking you. You will see your character on the screen in front of you holding an assault rifle and donning a fighting stance. Behind the fence, he will be hiding. Look examine the display closely. At any moment, an adversary could appear. To get a shot off and put him in the scope, you must act quickly. If you accurately fire and take out every opponent in the game Nova Covered Ops, you will win. If you need to breathe, reload your weapon. Time will be saved, and warriors will live.

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