Number Maze

  Number Maze is the seams that will squeeze your brain. Have you ever played a number matching game in your school days? Forget it because this game is many times more difficult because of the zik zak roads it creates. The gameplay is to create uninterrupted connections and make sure to go through the numbered points. Of course, it's not simple with the twists and turns.

  Start at zero and you must from there connect the lines that pass through the numbered points in order, they are also considered as a hint so that you can complete the process from the beginning to the end without interruption. The white squares act as obstacles that you cannot draw lines through. It is imperative that you go through the numbers in order and make sure you don't miss any dots. At higher levels, the occurrence of passing points will appear more and the arrangement is difficult to guess. An interesting thing is that you can simulate the game model and remove the numbers, which will become interesting puzzles for your friends. Number Maze will be a great game for players who love numbers and like to find solutions with geometric lines.

   Number Maze is an addictive puzzle game with connecting numbers. The gameplay is simple but the geometric thinking challenges will invade your mind.

How to play Number Maze

Drag to play.

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