One Escape

Do you like challenging games with pixel graphics where you need to use your brain to solve puzzles and beat bosses? If you do, this game is for you! In Pixel One Escape, you will have to help the protagonist of the game escape from a prison by beating a series of bosses. You can also call it a “reverse escape room” because instead of trying to get out, you need to stay in and find ways to avoid getting caught. Sounds challenging? Let’s see how well you handle tricky situations. Are you ready? 

In order to survive in prison you need to be sneaky and smart. The rules are there to crush you, but they can’t see the real you, right? In this game your main objective will be to find a way to escape the prison by finding clues, codes and puzzles that will help you get out as fast as possible. Let’s begin! Are you ready for this challenge? 

Let’s admit it, being locked up isn’t easy. Especially when you have to fight for survival in a world where you are constantly threatened by other inmates and their gangs. With so much on the line, can you make it out of one of the most secure prisons in the world? 

In this One Escape, you are locked in a prison cell with no memory of how you got there. You will have to find your way out and discover what happened. This can be a very challenging game if you cannot find the solutions. 

You have been captured and thrown into a high-security prison. Your only chance to escape is by beating the boss of each gang in an underground parkour race. If you can beat all the bosses and their minions, you will be able to leave this hellhole once and for all. Are you ready? 

How to play One Escape

Using Mouse

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