Perfect Tongue

  Perfect Tongue will bring a world of scrumptious food that you are the one to taste. Enjoy eating and passionate about being immersed in the culinary world, freely choosing your favorite dishes. Non-stop food conveyor belts are waiting for you, enjoy and give honest reviews to talented chefs. Are you confident that you have genius taste buds?


  The foods will be automatically moved to your mouth, if you find them delicious and edible, touch or click to lick. Sometimes there will be a few hard-to-swallow foods that chefs and restaurateurs want to challenge you with, such as logs, icebergs, or even rancid and smelly foods. At that time, ignore and do not lick them, this will help you preserve your taste buds to continue enjoying delicious dishes at the next level. Pay attention to the types of food that are arranged on the conveyor belt to avoid getting trapped, they will move faster and faster, requiring quick attention from you. A good food critic won't taste bad food because of greed. Help him complete his food evaluation mission.


  Share with us your favorite dish!


How to play Perfect Tongue

Tap to play.

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