Pole Dance Battle

  Pole Dance Battle will bring vibrant rhythms and talented poses. Bringing players into the bustling disco space with the cheers of a large number of guests to attend. Experience as the main character as a skilled dancer. Create poses that no other dancer has been able to perform and even a little risky, if you make a mistake, you can fall from the pole at any time. Are you ready to hit the stage?


  Pre-set poses create a hole in the wall, creating the correct posture to be able to slip through it without any collision. Adjust your posture and move freely along the pole, you only have three chances to try at most. Too often, you will fall from above and ruin the whole show, don't let your guests feel disappointed. Maintain the lively atmosphere of the dance by skillfully creating the right poses. Master the runway with heels and slippery poles, make your professional dancer's dreams come true with Pole Dance Battle. The enthusiastic cheers of the guests are waiting for you. By all means, move forward to be a talented dancer to shine on the stage. Become a top star in discos known to millions of people. See how you hit the stage tonight!

How to play Pole Dance Battle

Swipe or drag to pose.

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