POP it Plus

  POP it Plus is a fun game that challenges your speed. The game is "trendy", which is famous all over the world with many creative ways to play. With gameplay that brings ultimate relaxation, POP it Plus is a great choice when playing in groups. This perfect online version will bring you extremely interesting experiences and promises to take up a lot of players' time. 


  When you click on a button containing a ball, it will fall down, then look at the bottom of the screen and select the ball of the same type as it quickly. Just like that, when you enter all the buttons on the board, you will win. However, when you let go of a ball and fail to press on the same ball at the bottom, some buttons or rows will be restored and you will have to press them again. So the center of gravity is high when a ball is dropped. It is advisable to look closely at the types of balls available before starting the game: basketball, baseball, football, rugby, volleyball, etc. The agility of the hands combined with the eyes will be the tools to win this game.


  Will you be able to break the cult game in this world?

How to play POP it Plus

Click on the pop it and collect points.

In the pop it there may be various balls that need to be picked up by clicking on the corresponding large balls at the bottom of the playing field.

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