Popcorn Race 3D

Popcorn Race 3D has one simple rule: stay alive! Your mission will take you on a fun experience through the virtual world. Popcorn Race 3D is a mobile running game that requires you to avoid obstacles and collect candies in each level. The longer you stay alive, the more points you’ll get. The more candies you collect, the more candies you’ll be able to collect in the next level. 

The first edition of Popcorn Race was a big hit! Your favorite popcorn is back, and along with it, a few new surprises. Race your opponents, collect prizes, and become the champion of the world’s first mobile popcorn eating contest. Popcorn Race is an action-packed running game that tests your speed and reaction time. You have to run, dodge, and collect popcorn before you reach the finish line. 

Popcorn Race 3D is a challenging online game for kids and adults. In this game, you have to help Popcorn to reach his house before the time runs out. Avoid the other kooky characters and their crazy tricks. Collect the popcorn nuggets and candies to win the game. 

Are you ready to run from the monsters and get the popcorn? Run from the monsters to get the popcorn, collect popcorn, avoid obstacles and run to the finish line. This is a awesome online running game for kids and adults. This is a awesome online running game for kids and adults. Popcorn Race is a great online running game and challenging levels will test your skills. This game is very different from other running games and challenges you to run as fast as you can without touching the ground. It is so much fun to play and you will love every minute of it. Rock and roll with the Popcorn Race 3D running game! Run as fast as you can while jumping over rocks and avoiding rifts. 

The third installment of Popcorn Race is here with some new features and a brand new theme. This time your task is to avoid the popcorn falling from the top of the machine. You have to run as fast as you can to avoid the popcorn from falling on you. The faster you run and the more obstacles you overcome, the more score you get and the higher your score, the higher you score, the more stars you will unlock. Not only that, but you will also unlock different themes as well as new characters. There are a total of 100 levels and each level has a time limit. Try to beat your friends' highscores and unlock new characters and new themes as well as complete all the levels to unlock the next level. Play Popcorn Race 3d online and experience the fun of running and avoiding the falling popcorn in this addictive mobile game for kids and adults.

How to play Popcorn Race 3D

Key Features - Interesting gameplay in the .io genre! - Epic sea battles! - Beautiful & colorful graphics! - Intuitive interface! - Easy controls! Instruction Slide to move

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