Puzzle Blocks

  Puzzle Blocks is a classic puzzle game that has been familiar to many generations. Players not only have the opportunity to regain their memories with the classic game played in their childhood, but also experience new features, only available in this new version of Puzzle Blocks. This game owns outstanding features in terms of the graphical interface, images, sound as well as gameplay, instructions to support new players so that players have the most unique and attractive experiences, different from when Play the classic puzzle game before.


  The player's task when playing this latest version of Block Puzzle is to arrange the blocks to fit the pattern. If there are no empty cells left, you will enter a new level. The layout of the block puzzle game is very harmonious. Players will see the function buttons on the game screen are arranged very easy to see, minimalist, do not take up much screen area so that you can experience all the effects, as well as capture and calculate the steps in the game. Experience the most relaxing moments of entertainment after stressful working hours, studying, or when you want to play games to kill time while waiting. Surely this classic puzzle game will bring you endless fun that no other game in the same series can do. 

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