Robot Awake

Have you heard of Fungame? Or Fungames? It’s not a term from another planet or anything, it’s just a game. A really fun game, especially if you’re a Logic or Science fan. It’s a casual game for all ages, where you have to solve logical problems by connecting the dots and completing levels. Robot Awake, are different versions of the game, where the levels differ in degrees of difficulty, aesthetics, and so on. What is Fungame? 

In this game, you can play with robots. You can build a robot and make it wake up. You can also make it to move and make it to play with other robots. You can also make it to challenge another robot. 

In Robot Awake game,robot is awake. it can not do anything by help robot to do something. it can be anything, cooking, cleaning or something else. you can choose any task to help robot. The world is full of mysteries, and it is our duty as logical thinkers to seek answers. The Fungame series is dedicated to exploring our logical side, and challenging ourselves with ever more complicated logic problems. The goal of each Fungame is to make the player think logically, without any shortcuts or tricks. Whether you're an expert logician, or a beginner looking for a fun logical challenge.

In Robot Awake, game, players control a robot that is trying to escape from a maze. The robot can take actions to reach the exit. The actions are simple and straightforward, but there are also some hidden logic behind each action. For example, some actions may seem to take the robot forward, but in reality, they divert the robot from its path and make it more difficult for the robot to reach the exit. Some actions may seem to make it easier for the robot to reach the exit, but in reality, they confuse the robot and make it even more difficult to reach the exit. There are also some special actions that may not seem to be helpful to the robot, but in reality, they are essential to the robot’s survival. 

How to play Robot Awake

Using Mouse

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