Rocky Rampage Online

Fly, dodge and shoot your way through a minefield to escape the labyrinth. Dodge dangerous obstacles and mines or face your inevitable doom! With one life and limited ammo, you must use strategy to avoid danger while shooting at anything that moves. Are you ready to get ROCKY? 〇 DESCRIPTION 〇 Fly with your tiny spaceship through the endless labyrinth of rocky roadways filled with mines and other dangers. Shoot what moves and collect coins to upgrade your ship, weapons and other stuff as you try to survive as long as possible. 〇 FEATURES 〇 - Shoot or be shot! - Upgrade your ship, weapons, armor - Unlock new characters with unique abilities - Be strategic when dealing with each level’s different challenges - Unlock achievements & compete on leaderboards - A fast-paced, exciting game that is easy to learn but challenging to master 〇 How To Play 〇 Click on the left side of the screen for your ship to move left and vice versa for right side of the screen. Shoot everything that moves except for friends (they are green). 

Fly through the skies as a brave red-rocker and fight against evil monsters that have taken over your land. Shoot them with your gun and save the day! The whole world has been taken over by dangerous monsters, so now it’s up to you to take back what’s rightfully yours. Fly as high as you can and destroy everything in sight until you find all the hidden rooms in this mysterious castle. Fight against different enemies and their bosses, collect gems to upgrade your character, and fly once again! Learn new skills from your grandma, explore new locations, find secret areas, and shoot anything that moves. 

Rocky Rampage Online is back in a brand new action packed adventure! An evil scientist has been terrorizing the wildlife of Roak with mutated experiments, and it’s up to you to save them. Choose your favorite Roak character and start shooting Mutant Aliens on this wild new adventure. Blast your enemies with powerful shotguns or catch them off-guard with throwing knives. 

Don’t fall for it! That’s what you say, but those pesky flying cashews keep falling from the sky and into your trap. Now what? You gotta eat them all! Play as a mighty grizzly bear who has fallen for the trick once already, but this time he won’t let it happen again. Travel through the Rocky Rampage forest to find all those sneaky little feathered cashews, roast ‘em and eat ‘em all up! 

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