Shishagon is a game that combines the simplicity of shapes with the complexity of strategy. The main objective is to guide a colorful polygonal shape, known as the Shishagon, through a labyrinthine world filled with obstacles and traps. Your mission is to help the Shishagon reach its destination, marked by a glowing portal, while collecting valuable gems along the way.

Levels or Stages: Shishagon offers a diverse range of levels, each with its own unique layout, challenges, and aesthetics. You'll journey through lush forests, icy tundras, futuristic cities, and mysterious ancient ruins, with each environment providing new twists and turns to keep you engaged. As you advance, the complexity of the puzzles increases, testing your problem-solving skills and creativity.

Challenges or Obstacles: Every level in Shishagon is rife with obstacles and challenges. From rotating blades and laser beams to moving platforms and gravity-defying structures, you'll encounter a variety of obstacles that will keep you on your toes. The game constantly introduces new elements to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting, ensuring that boredom is never an option.

Entertainment or Enjoyment: Shishagon isn't just a game; it's an experience that will captivate and entertain players of all skill levels. The visually stunning graphics, coupled with an immersive soundtrack, create an atmosphere that draws you into the game's world. Whether you're looking for a casual gaming session or a hardcore challenge, Shishagon offers something for everyone.


How to play Shishagon

The game is played using intuitive touch controls, allowing you to swipe and tap your way through the geometric challenges. The Shishagon moves in a straight line until it hits an obstacle or a wall, at which point it bounces off at an angle. Your task is to carefully plan and execute your moves to avoid obstacles and reach the portal with the highest score possible.

But be warned, the rules can be deceptively simple. You'll need to strategize each move, taking into account the angles and trajectories of your bounces. As you progress through the levels, you'll encounter switches, portals, and other interactive elements that will require even more cunning and precise timing to overcome.

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