Slash Royal

Slash Royal is a battle game that pits players against each other in a battlefield where they must eliminate the opposing team to win. In Battle Royale, players are split into small groups. The last player standing wins. Slash Royal is also known as Battle Royale in some regions. It’s a fantastic game with incredible action and strategy involved! Battle Royale> features fast-paced battles, epic weapons and an immersive storyline. Fight to the finish against real opponents in dynamic 3 vs 3 team combat. Become the king of the island or simply watch from the outside as your friends fight to stay alive. 

The kingdom of Aspros is home to a wide variety of creatures. In the forests, you’ll find centaurs and fairies; in the mountains, you’ll find minotaurs and satyrs; and in the fields, you’ll find lambs and bulls. To protect them all from evil, they have created a Royal court for each creature type. The court system has been in place for generations, but now it's your chance to rise through the ranks! 

Gather Your Friends and Master the Slash! Are you ready for some real, royal battles? The epic battle between two royal warriors has begun! Experience the thrill of a real tournament in this real-time strategy game. Unlock all new characters and dominate your friends’ top boards to become the ultimate slash king! Unlock New Characters, Collect & Upgrade Them Collect unique characters from different universes. Each character has its own set of weapons, armor and abilities that makes them unique on the battlefield. Also upgrade them with valuable materials found in dungeons or purchased using gold coins you earn by defeating other players. Use these attributes wisely to build a powerful deck that suits your playing

In Monster Strike, you’ll meet lots of cute and ferocious monsters! As the king of these beasts, you must train them and teach them useful skills. Acquire special eggs to hatch new monsters, then watch them grow up before they become adults. You can even pit your monsters against each other in battle to see whose reign is the strongest! Explore a world teeming with Build a mighty Defeat adversaries as large as they are In Monster Strike, it's all about becoming The Ultimate Leader of the Monsters! Output HD graphics The game is being developed by Cygames and is illustrated by Kanae Ito. With gorgeous graphics and varying locations, you’ll want to explore this game from start to finish. There are many places for you to visit in this game: forests, lakeside campsites, riverside docks, mountain caves, abandoned mineshafts… Have fun trying to uncover their secrets all at once! Varying enemy types Each location has its own unique enemies that you’ll have to face if you want to conquer them. Some are stronger than others, so don’t let that discourage you if your monster isn’t powerful enough yet. Monster Strike also offers various ways for you to learn new skills for your monster: feed it different foods or battle against other monsters so that it grows stronger. 

Welcome to Slash Royal, a game of strategy, tactics and war. In this game you take the role of a powerful king who has inherited the throne from his father. You have thousands of loyal subjects at your fingertips and also an army of soldiers at your disposal to crush your enemies in battle. To help protect your kingdom you must build walls around strategic points within your domain so that no enemy can breach them. As a king you will face many challenges along the way. From usurpers to greedy nobles who covet your from rebellious vassals who ask for too much in return for their from foreign invaders from other kingdoms who seek to conquer and last but not least, there are those pesky rebels that will not rest until they see you dethroned and exiled forever from your lands. 

How to play Slash Royal

Controls Use the WASD or arrow keys to move around the arena.

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