Slice them all! 3D

In the video game Slice them all! 3D, you take on the role of a special superhero with the power to change into a lethal weapon. Your job as a super agent is to use your laser-like abilities to destroy everything in your way. As you advance in the game, you'll aid your hero in developing and gaining more strength, eventually transforming into a formidable opponent who reduces everything in your path to ashes and ruins.

Move your mouse left and right while holding your pistol to chop everything down, primarily the robots that are approaching you because these are the adversaries that you need to tear up and eliminate. Your gun fires a powerful laser instead of bullets, cutting anything in its path.

Use the coins you earn from one level to the next to buy new models of weapons. These weapons should be quite useful and necessary because each new level is harder than the one before it, so you need to power through it. Find the best angles to slice at so that you can do a lot of destruction with a few moves.

How to play Slice them all! 3D

Using Mouse

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