SmileyWorld Match

SmileyWorld Match games are one of the most played games on Google Play and they are easy to understand. Matching similar tiles is not just fun; it’s a great way to exercise your brain. SmileyWorldMatch 3 Game is another simple, yet challenging match-3 game with interesting and cheerful graphics. Pattern matching has never been this much fun! SmileyWorld Match 3 Game has all the features that you expect from a modern match-3 game like inbuilt leader boards, achievements and multiple levels. With its welcoming graphics and simple controls, it will have you hooked from start to finish! Match your way through a variety of different layouts and plan ahead for each move instead of reacting to the current situation in order to progress further - this is what makes this game so much more difficult than it looks! You must think before making any moves because no two layouts are quite the same. 

SmileyWorld Match is a new, fast-paced matching game from the makers of the #1 social card game, SmileySoccer. It’s a match-3 puzzle that requires lightning-fast reflexes and sharp observation skills. The goal is to clear all of the bombs by matching 3 or more connected gems in a single move. With its simple controls and beautiful graphics, BejewLED Blitz offers hours of fun for everyone. You can play it alone or challenge friends via Facebook. 

SmileyWorld Match is a matching puzzle video game developed by PopCap Games and launched in 2007. The title is one of the most popular Android games of all time, as it has been downloaded more than 100 million times. 

How to play SmileyWorld Match

Using Mouse

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