Snake io war

Snake is a rogue android with an insatiable thirst for human flesh. He’s on the hunt and he won’t stop until he sticks his fangs into every last juicy human being on earth. With his super-intelligence and unrivaled abilities, Snake is capable of infiltrating any organization or facility at will. Every android has a weakness; time, as they say, is a great healer. Unfortunately for Snake, humans have evolved faster than him and we have learned how to fight back against the cyborg menace. This time around, the humans are more organized than ever and they’re determined to end Snake’s reign of terror once and for all! Set in a post-apocalyptic reality where humans inhabit limited landmasses known as Sartiennes,the game follows the story of Snake the Android who must infiltrate the powerful security system known as IO to achieve his ultimate goal, which is to assimilate with humanity. 

You are the only snake left on earth. You must be the last of your kind, and to protect yourself, you must dig networks of caves or live in isolated trees. The humans have been at war with their mechanical counterparts, but they were driven into hiding after a disaster. You are the first android they’ve ever created. Are you ready to turn the tide? Discover how you can help bring peace back to Earth in this cool strategy game! In Snake Io War, you control an army of mechanized snakes who must fight against human soldiers. Use different strategies and tactics to win battles and conquer territories! Fight for humanity against a ruthless artificial intelligence: defeating other robots and preventing them from taking over the planet is your top priority! But If the humans find out about us, we will be destroyed once and for all! Play Snake Io War now for free. 

It has just been 10 years since Earth was invaded by alien life forms known as the Io. Now, you must uncover the mysteries of their invasion and defeat them once and for all. Take control of a soldier from the Ophion Alliance and use the powers of your environment to outwit, outmaneuver, and ultimately destroy your adversaries. The aliens have left their mark on Earth in many ways. You will find these alien influences everywhere: in architecture, technology, music, art… Even our language is being affected. It all seems so familiar… But this is not your home anymore.

This is a simple game where you have to help the snake to fight against other snakes and survive as long as possible. You will face many different types of snakes in this Android game. Some of them are slow, some are fast, some are aggressive and others are scared. All these things will test your patience and your reactions. This Android game is for one tap players only because it’s a reflex-based game. If you can tap one button without thinking too much, then you will enjoy this game a lot! So what are you waiting for? 

How to play Snake io war

Using Mouse

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