Stack Road

  Stack Road belongs to the genre of fun collecting games. One of those simple, silly, addictive games that promise to take a lot of your time. Players will have the opportunity to test their speed, sudden falls are easy to cause impatience and continuous restarts. That's what Stack Road brings, fun, enjoyment, and not forgetting to train ingenuity for you.


  Play as a character who moves by standing on rollers like a circus performer on tall buildings. Move to collect color strip positions to roll them into stacked rollers, which will help you overcome the gaps. Try to collect as much as you can for the finish if you don't want to fall down. Horizontal color blocks will cut your rollers, don't go over them, jump up to dodge. The speed of the game is quite fast, requiring the flexibility of your hands, this will be a real challenge if you do not focus enough. The roller pedestal piled high as if about to fall will be funny and impressive moments. The feeling of satisfaction will be what you experience when crossing a long distance above the sky and creating smooth and perfect movements. With this addictive gameplay, Stack Road can be classified as one of the games with the best stacking genre in the world.


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How to play Stack Road

Arrow keys to play.

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