Stair Run Online 2

Stair Run Online 2 is an HTML5 Adventure-Sports must run down the stairs safely to avoid getting hit by cars and trucks!Can you finish? 

Stair Run Online 2 is a game for everyone! Race against the other runners to reach the top of the stairs first! Are you ready for this? Your challenge will be tougher than you think! But don’t worry, we’ve got your back. If you play this game regularly, you know that it gets harder every time. It’s almost like an addiction when you keep playing the same stages again and again. Just one more run… You wouldn’t want to give up now would you? The race is on! Keep running and climbing as fast as you can. No one knows where this crazy adventure will take you, but it sure is going to be fun! Are you ready for your next challenge? 

The Stair Run Online 2 is an arcade racing game for boys. Race your car and jump on the stairs to get bonus points and avoid obstacles, as you try to reach the top of the tower in this cool race game. The higher you run and jump, the faster your car will go, so try to be as fast as possible, before anyone else can catch you! There are plenty of different tracks with varying difficulty where you can race your friends or compete against them in a multiplayer mode. 

What do you get if you mix billiards, arcade games and a whole lot of stairs? Stair Run Online 2! That's what! In this game, you will be playing your favorite arcade games from the past such as Asteroids or Breakout. You just need to find the right spot for it and as long as there are no other housemates able to play so loudly that they drown out your high score, then you're good! Yes, with Stair Run, you'll be able to relive all those great memories in front of your gaming console again. But what if that wasn’t enough for you? 

How to play Stair Run Online 2

Key Features - Interesting gameplay in the genre! - Beautiful & colorful graphics! - Intuitive interface! - Easy controls! Instruction Mouse click or tap the screen to play

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